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Blue cards- Plant

    • If you currently hold a Red NPORS Trained Operator card you are going to need to complete an NVQ in order to upgrade your Red card to a Blue NPORS Competence Card. As an experienced Plant Operator, you will be able to achieve the NVQ you need, while working on-site. To find out how this quick and affordable route can help you to achieve your NVQ click below:

       If a Plant Operator has enough experience, they can achieve the NVQ required for a Blue CPCS card by undertaking an Experienced Worker NVQ.

      This route allows your Operator to achieve their NVQ quickly and on-site, using the plant they are familiar with.

      This is a fast and affordable way of qualifying Operators for a Blue CPCS card and can be achieved by following these three steps:

      1. Employer provides the Operator’s details and confirms their levels of occupational experience.
      2. Assessor visits site and gathers witness testimonies from the Operator’s Supervisor or Manager.
      3. On-site assessment is conducted by Assessor to gather evidence and complete the NVQ.


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Blue CSCS Card

We deliver a huge range of construction-related Level 2 NVQ that will enable you to obtain a Blue CSCS Skilled Worker card. You will achieve your NVQ while working on site.






Wall & floor tiling




Paint and decorating

Plastering and Interiors

Site Logistics operations

Building maintenance

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Gold CSCS Supervisors Card

  • Foremen and Supervisors that need achieve the Level 3 or Level 4 NVQ they need to obtain the Gold CSCS Supervisors card. You will achieve your NVQ while working on site.


    Site Supervisor




    General Supervisor

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Managers card

  • For senior construction professionals achieve their Level 6 or Level 7 NVQ they need to obtain the Black CSCS Managers card. Our experienced team of assessors will guide you through the qualification supporting you directly.

    Construction site management

    Contracting Operations Management

    Construction Senior Management

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Gold Advanced Craft card

  • The Gold Advanced Craft card is available to highly experienced tradesmen looking to distinguish themselves and recognise the additional skills and knowledge they have. To be able to apply for this card you must be able to prove your higher levels of skills by completing a Level 3 qualification in your trade.



    Interior systems


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